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Love in the time of Quarantine

Updated: May 23, 2020

So. How did we get here? Just at the end of January, I'd just concluded a fabulous trip to San Francisco. While at SFO, I was only mildly concerned about the novel coronavirus, debating whether or not putting on the face mask I was gifted might make me look ill, or worse, invite a more thorough search thru my belongings as I raced to catch my flight. I decided against it, keeping my face masks snug in my carry-on suitcase. And now, not even two months later, we're on a global lockdown. Things are scary here in New York. There're ambulances with sirens blaring constantly---and even scarier, sometimes they're just quiet---it's a chore to even get the mail, and I'm starting to feel like a lunch lady, perpetually in the kitchen, doling out rations. For someone who thrives on person-to-person interaction--craves it, really--I'm struggling. As so many are. I'm lucky, though, to have my health, creature comforts, and the support of my girlfriends, some of whom I have been quarantining with since we heard word stay-at-home orders might hit NYC. Others aren't so lucky. There are rumors of meat trucks that carry bodies. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who's father or mother has died. Coronavirus is very real. And I, and you, have absolutely no control over it at all.

Okay, that's dark. After about two weeks of utter panic, fruitless searches for scientific research on a disease we didn't know existed, and the monotony of breaking news, I decided to make my focus much, much smaller. What I do have power over is limited, but impactful. I'll be spending this time at home making the best of this brave new world we find ourselves in. What'll I be doing?

  • making use of all of my sex toys...if there's any time for some self-pleasure, it's NOW

  • finally getting around to furnishing my NYC apartment. I've been so busy these last few months that I haven't truly nested. (Etsy, Amazon, and Chairish gift cards are appreciated xo)

  • continuing my language studies, consistently now. I'm tired of my Duolingo app yelling at me

  • making it through my reading + film list

  • catching up with friends and family thru endless video and phone calls (they finally have a schedule as flexible as mine!)

  • trying new recipes

  • documenting my lust chronicles + hosting virtual dance parties on onlyfans

  • finding a way to stay connected with my you through virtual dates

I promise I haven't gone underground, at least not entirely. I'm hoping you and yours are safe and comfortable. And that you've projects of your own to keep you occupied. I hope you'll be able to tell me all about them. There's still beauty around us, if you look hard enough to find it. For now I'll try to enjoy the silence in New York. You know, the streets are so quiet I can finally hear birds chirping...!

Psst. I've pledged 10% of all of my earnings during quarantine to affected groups locally. If you're looking for a way to help, please consider donating to these organizations:

  1. SWOPBrooklyn (for sex workers here in NYC)

  2.  (for sex workers at large)

  3. Food Bank for NYC

  4. NYC Health + Hospitals (for gear, meals, hotel rooms and more for health care workers)

  5. NYC Covid Response (for African-Americans disproportionally affected by Covid-19)


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