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Ready to meet? Introduce yourself here-the more thorough, the better. You may also send your details to Preferably from an encrypted account.

I alone view your personal information. It's required to meet, no exceptions. Safety + discretion for us both. 

There's no such thing as a too-early inquiry! One week is preferred. Sometimes sooner is possible, and rarely—when the stars align—the same day. Offer 2-3 best dates/times for scheduling ease.  50% of my patronage is due if you must cancel within 24hrs of our date.

Be cool. While I'd love to learn what you have in mind for us, coarse language + acronyms will disqualify your date inquiry. Priority goes to lovers who value unrushed, indulgent, and authentic rendezvous, like I do. 

I'll see you soon. I can't wait... 

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