Electric Relaxation (1hr)

"Let me tell you about my only vice/It has to do with lots of lovin' and it ain't nothin' nice..."

A respite with me can buoy your whole day-good luck returning to the real world. Established friends only.

Electric Relaxation (1.5)

"Let me tell you about my only vice/It has to do with lots of lovin' and it ain't nothin' nice..."

A proper introduction. Required minimum for new friends.

Body Language (2hr)

"Just come closer, closer closer, closer/I want to know who you are."

I'll pop the bubbly, you get comfortable. We've got time to unwind. 











Soul Meets Body (3hrs)

"So brown eyes, I'll hold you near/'Cause you're the only song I want to hear/A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere"

Cocktails and whispered secrets. Let's dive deep and really get acquainted.   

Ginger Me Slowly (4 hrs)

"Ginger me by candle light and long walks by the lagoon/Ginger me with intellect and wine/Ginger me, boy, with kindness and cool"

"First we dine. Then we do everything else..." My favorite date. 

Crimson + Clover (6 hrs)

"Yeah, my, my such a sweet thing/I wanna do everything/What a beautiful feeling"


Time to be creative. Truth or dare?Let's run headlong into an adventure, with me on your arm. 




Coffee (14hrs)

"A cold flame, feeling no shame/Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams/Sweet dreams turn into coffee in the morning"

I take mine strong. How do you like yours?

You Can (24hrs)

"I've got time to kill, like we all do/And you can stop, but you won't..."

Let's toss the clock. A whole day. Whatever could we get into...?


Feeling U (48hrs)

"Everything you say and everything you do/Gets me lost in you, days at a time. Tell me,are you feeling me felling you?"

Whisk me away, and I'll woo you right back. Time to pull out that bucket list!





I love hosting! You can find me in Lower Manhattan with a fully stocked bar, perfect sonic backdrop, and cozy intimate quarters.

I can also come to your upscale residence, up to 1 hr outside of the city. 

*3hrs or longer require meal time. Need ideas? Here're some


2 two hour dates - 3000 monthly 

2 four hour dates - 5000 monthly

2 six hour dates - 6000 monthly

2 sleep overs - 8500 monthly

Semi/fully exclusive - 10k +, 3 month commitment; let's chat over dinner


Couples: I'd love to join you! But if you wanna be my lovers, you two gotta get with double consent. In advance. 2 hr minimum (to get truly comfortable) +25% to patronage.

Copines: Shall I bring a girlfriend-or two, or three, or four? Just ask. 2 hr minimum. Her rate + mine.   


Cash is king. But I also take credit card (+surcharge.) 

I may require electronic deposits for lengthy dates and tours.  

Cancellations made within 24 hours or less will incur a 50% cancellation fee. In the unlikely event I must cancel, I'll offer the option of a refunded deposit or rescheduled date.

Compensation is for my  time only.


My rates: NYC patronage + an additional fee for travel time. 

Trip minimum may apply. Hint: The further away, the longer the stay.

 Travel (business/1st class) + 50% deposit secures our date.

 I'll need 6-8 hrs of rest nightly. For extended trips, I like a few hours of solo time to primp, exercise and refresh. The better to please you, my dear!