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Amuse-Bouche 1hr

Come and hello. I can’t say we’ll be completely acquainted,

but it’s a great start.


Proper Introduction 2hrs

A brief respite. Ready to have a daydream come true?

Good luck returning to the real world. 


Soul Meets Body 3hrs

Cocktails and whispered secrets.

Let's dive deep and really get acquainted.   


Dining Date 4hrs

"First we dine. Then we do everything else..." 


Dinner and a Show? 6hrs

Time to be creative. Truth or dare?

Let's run headlong into an adventure, with me on your arm.


Overnight 14hrs

I take my coffee strong in the morning. How do you like yours?

My favorite date.


A Whole Day 24hrs

Let's toss the clock. A whole day.

Whatever could we get into...?


Weekender 48hrs

Whisk me away, and I'll woo you right back.

Time to pull out that bucket list!


Fly Me to You 
I'm travel sized! That means I'm available internationally to meet or join you wherever in the world you are. Just ask.

Travel Dates 
Let's plan an adventure! I've collected passport stamps, but I've room for many more. Learn more about my travel packages and dream destinations. 

What to do in NYC 
Need New York dining and activity ideas? Here're some.

For more details about duos, rules of rendezvous, and how to me to you, take a look at my FAQ page

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