your personal e-girl

It's a brave new world we find ourselves in this 2020. Coronavirus is the invisible beast that is haunting our spring season, and likely beyond. With information about this new illness still emerging—and our collective responsibility to one another in mind—I'm erring on the side of caution. As such, I am currently not accepting in-person dates at this time. For now, staying inside, letting the hours and days meld together, looks to be the best way to keep everyone safe. Beneficial for the common good, sure, but not so much for our very real need for intimacy. What's a lover to do for connection in the time of corona?  

With global social distancing the rule of the day, it's never been a better time to be a millennial digital native. I so love a written back-and-forth, making sensual videos and clips to surprise you with on my OnlyFans, or just watching a movie together or eating meal together thru a screen. I'm offering virtual dates with packages that reflect my preference for sustained interaction. What we do, precisely, is up to us too curate. For now, it looks like we've all the time in the world to get close, at least virtually...    


photos, flirting, sharing our favorite memes, traditional or encrypted messaging available




there's nothing as romantic as a love letter encrypted options available




relive the days of chatting into the late nite

30min: (1) $400 (3) $1000 (5) $1500

60min: (1) $600 (3) $1500 (5) $2500


because just hearing my voice isn't enough...

(established friends only, new friends: 1 week emailing/texting required) 

30min: (1) $600 (3) $1500 (5) $2500

60min: (1) $800 (3) $2000 (5) $3000

Do reach out if you'd like to curate a package that includes more than two options.