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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

A few weeks ago I was surprised that we are already hitting the end of the year. Quarter 4, how!? As a result, I accidentally kept writing q3 on my notes and messages, my brain taking longer than usual to catch up to speed. Rather than write a long, winding blog about how 2021 has been--don't worry, that's coming in two months--here's a photo dump of my favorite memories so far. Well, the ones I can share, at least.

From every region of the country and all times of the day (spot the 2am strip club snap!), ski trips, to nature walks in New England, hikes on the west coast, soul food dinners in the south, and the tartest gin cocktails that I could find ...It's been a beautiful year.

Ah, there I go waxing poetic again! xo



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