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Updated: May 23, 2020

I--like most people, I imagine--much prefer to be known through my own words, rather than the opinions of others. It's important to me that we begin and develop our private relationship based on who I truly am. And I suspect it's important to you, too!  But in the interest of website minimalism and armed with the self-awareness to know I'm naturally on the long-winded side, my Intro has probably left you with more questions than answers. Problem solved: here're a few tidbits about me you can't find anywhere else!

  • I am a mid-twenty-something and grew up between a Thoreau-reminiscent countryside in the heartland and a genteel New England prep school. Midwestern farm girl + cheeky boarding school brat! 

  • I fancy myself a foodie. And while I love being spoiled with sensuous meals in good company at lovely restaurants, I also appreciate cooking food almost as much as I do eating it. Currently making: green gazpacho and chili shrimp. 

  • My background is South African, and I'm a third culture kid.I'm an introvert and call myself a grower-every meeting allows me to peel back layers and get closer to those with whom I connect. I love a good slow burn and crave authenticity!

  • I'm incredibly ticklish everywhere, except the small of my back. Touch that, and I don't giggle; I do something else...

  • I hate driving and don't do it if at all possible. Biking/Uber/Lyft/my legs are lifesavers!

  • My first trip to Europe was planned (including procuring a passport) and executed in less than 3 days. I would happily do this again.

  • I adore literary classics. One of my favorites is The Scarlet Pimpernel. Least favorite: The Picture of Dorian Gray.

  • I'm a music enthusiast, play a few instruments, and was once featured (singing) on a children's album. 


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