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I love

Updated: May 23, 2020

  • Bawdy jokes

  • Light touches across my skin that straddle the line between tickles and strokes

  • Realizing no one heard me after I slip up and let out a string of curses in an inappropriate setting

  • Seeing green trees for the first time after winter

  • The fist sip of champagne 

  • Chance encounters with kindred souls

  • Beyoncé performances

  • The mixture of exhaustion and determination

  • I feel upon reaching a hike's midway point

  • Waking up naked to sunshine in my eyes

  • Music festivals

  • Playing masseuse and settling into a comfortable rhythm, confirmed by a relaxed sigh

  • Walking on the jetway, knowing a delicious adventure is afoot

  • Sensual kisses with minty cool breath

  • 'Ladies Only' dinner parties

  • Catching a great art exhibit days before the installation is transferred

  • Playing 70s hits during road trips

  • Kittens

  • Brunch after painting the town red the night before

  • Orgasms


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