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Updated: May 21, 2020

As a professional sensualist, it's my very pleasurable job to cultivate the steamy excitement and unrestrainedness that usually remains the stuff of fantasy, bringing it out of myself and a lover. Music, which acts as sonic inspiration, is an absolute must for that! Everyone has at least one song that reminds them of pure, unadulterated lust. Whatever the record may be for you, when you hear it-no matter your location-you likely get flashbacks to some deliciously debaucherous moment you'd like to revisit. Your mind wanders to memories of a wonderfully spirited partner, passionate exploration, splayed limbs, hurried breath, skipping heartbeats, and delicious moans...Or the record simply reminds you that there are things you wish you'd experienced and haven't yet. So while silence can certainly be golden, the perfect playlist is invaluable.

I've always loved curating soundscapes, and have one for just about every occasion, so I thought it would be fun to begin sharing some of my mixes. Here's an atmospheric end-of-summer one that includes some not-so-familiar tunes that are perfect for clandestine, heady rendezvous-my favorite kind. Enjoy! 


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