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for lovers only

Ahh, Valentine's Day. Too much time on the internet has shown me that, much like any other topic, we are deeply divided into two camps when it comes to today. Either you're of the mind that V-Day is for sheep who've fallen for the commercial hype or you're all hearts + candy, words of affirmation and gifts. To be honest, I find that I'm somewhere in the middle. Profession considered, I don't need a day to show and receive affection. I adore all the small things that keep me connected to a lover. But of course, a reminder never hurt anybody--even if it does come laden with a weirdly erotic baby and a Yahtzee chocolate box you can only half consume. Per usual, a soundscape is needed. I never need an excuse to watch my favorite love movies (cue up Love Jones, ASAP) or queue up my favorite songs, but for Love Day, I'll take it gladly. Here are some of my current favorites. For lover's only.


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