Hi, Lover. I'm Bre.

And you can call me your muse, lover, dinner date, international travel companion, or luxury escort; that's just semantics. 

What matters? Our sensual connection. That delicious freedom to toss decorum to the wind-if only for a moment. And my keenness to engage your intellect in the sort of intimate social intercourse that leaves you wondering hours later where the time has gone. 

I'm a lady with a love of bourbon cocktails, deep conversation, and a strong preference for steamy romance when it's tastefully illicit-both affectionate and animalistic. And you? You're a discerning man who enjoys romps in dimly-lit rooms, is aroused by engaging discourse, and might appreciate allowing his passion a bit of latitude in good company.

You've got good taste; you know great company can be hard to find... 

Not anymore.


Bre Jolie


Age:  20 something

Size: 120lbs; all natural 32F-24-34

Height: 5'2"

Hair: Loose curls, shoulder-length, but I might surprise you!

Dress + Shoe Size: 4; 7.5

Ink + Piercings: None; belly button on a dare

Education: Bachelor's

Ethnicity: South African + Portuguese

Hair Color: Blackish

Eyes: Warm Brown

Orientation: Bisexual

Libations: Bourbon+ ginger or champagne

Languages: English, a bit of French


Travel/Passport Ready

It's a Date

My Philosophy

I seek adventure of all kinds and think beauty, pleasure, and freedom might very well be the highest good. I find connection and companionship is most enjoyable sans artifice and preconceived notions. And whenever we're together, I desire to meld fantasy and reality.

A tall order? Sure. But I always have liked a challenge... Read more





Lounging in St. Lucia in front of the Pitons. 

Lounging in St. Lucia in front of the Pitons. 



No agency references. Please share contact information of two independent companions you've seen in the last year. I ask that you inform all friends in advance that I will be reaching out. Courtesy is sexy!



 Share your professional credentials. Please prepare yourself for me to discreetly confirm you're not an ax murderer or any other nefarious character. (I'll call from my unlisted number + nondescript screening email.) 

You can also Message me at if:

  • You have additional questions that aren't answered on my Interview Page
  • You would prefer not to fill out an online form/are in the public eye (NSA, mayhaps?) /are easy to verify sans email
  • You have a bespoke/travel date request and need to flesh out details via email correspondence