Bre Jolie



Hi, I'm Bre.

And you can call me your muse, lover, dinner date, international travel companion, or luxury escort; that's just semantics. 

What matters? Our sensual connection. That delicious freedom to toss decorum to the wind-if only for a moment. And my keenness to engage your intellect in the sort of intimate social intercourse that leaves you wondering hours later where the time has gone. 

I'm a lady with a love of bourbon cocktails, deep conversation, and a strong preference for steamy romance when it's tastefully illicit-both affectionate and animalistic. And you? You're a discerning man who enjoys romps in dimly-lit rooms, is aroused by engaging discourse, and might appreciate allowing his passion a bit of latitude in good company.

You've got good taste; you know great company can be hard to find... 

Not anymore.




Shall we learn more about one another...? Delve deeper.