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Updated: May 21, 2020

I hate winter. All that wretched season brings is trouble: The Night King, ashiness, a complete loss of gym motivation, and coldness that seeps into your bones. I'm afraid the only things that keep me afloat Nov.-Mar. are the holidays and hearty beef stews. I'm an African girl, damn it, and I need to feel the sun kiss my skin to function optimally! While this year's unending chill has been like a guest at your party who refuses to leave despite increasingly obvious hints, it seems the wait might finally be over. Time to start blasting my favorite spring tunes!    

The tethering string in this playlist that jumps through genres + time is its light and breezy mood. For me, each record feels like my favorite things about this time of year. Being barefoot in the park. Sipping bubbly on a rooftop patio as the sun sets. Singing in the kitchen while making brunch. Going on my first road trip of the season. Wearing cleavage-baring wrap dresses with no panties on...Ahh, spring, I've missed you.



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