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country girl

Updated: May 22, 2020

If you know anything about me, it's that despite my comfort in bustling cities and too-crowded metropolitan streets, at my core is a true country girl. I grew up in an idyllic small Midwestern town with chickens and sheep, where everyone could smell a rainstorm before it came and there was no need for shoes outside. In the middle of a pandemic, especially in global headquarters NYC, there's nothing quite like the fresh air. Cue my first trip to upstate New York. Similar to my childhood home, the Catskills had exceptionally poor cell service. But considering the incessant news updates I'm used to in the city, I didn't mind. It was nice not to check in, not to hear any ambulance sirens, climbing death rates, or inane internet chatter. Only stillness. I didn't need a mask or gloves, because I had space almost as far as they eye could see.

There's just something about the country...I speak often about the importance of being free, and while I am, quite, it's been forever since I felt the childlike lack of self-consciousness to move as my body wants me to. When the urge bubbled up to roll down a hill---no care how the grass and weeds might catch in my hair---I simply gave in. Over and over again. I ran in the crisp spring air, did cartwheels, lit an outside fire after sunset and made s'mores, and also managed to sneak a photoshoot it. (There was no way I'd miss the chance to capture this beauty!) xx


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