Bre Jolie


Hi, I'm Bre. And you can call me your muse, lover, dinner date, international travel companion, or luxury escort; that's just semantics.

What matters? Our sensual connection. That delicious freedom to toss decorum to the wind-if only for a moment. And my keenness to engage your intellect in the sort of intimate social intercourse that leaves you wondering hours later where the time has gone. I'm a lady whose greatest joy (after enthralling novels, a stiff cocktail, and steak with the perfect butter/herb ratio) is the ecstasy of touching and being touched. I'm interested exploring the musings and corners of your mind that remain stifled or undiscovered. 

And you? You've got good taste; you know great company can be hard to find... 

Not anymore.




Shall we learn more about one another...? Delve deeper.